The Equitation Cup is an equitation class created by trainer Christopher Ewing that has been held at numerous horse shows around the country.  

The Equitation Cup class is a 2-round, 3 foot class for junior and adult riders. 

First Round

Riders create their own first round jumping course.  The top 4 riders from the first round are called back to compete in the 2nd round. 

2nd Round

In the 2nd round, riders demonstrate a 2-minute flat phase of their own creation.  They can walk, trot, canter, ride without stirrups on their saddle, etc.

Riders who win the most points during the season qualify for the Equitation Cup Championships.

The winning rider of the Championships class wins the Equitation Cup trophy. 

The winning trainer receives a 5-day cruise to the Caribbean!

Show Managers! Thank you for your interest in holding the Equitation Cup at your horse show!

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Perks to offering the Equitation Cup class at your horse show:

Added "Medal Class" income for your horse show!
Because the Equitation Cup is a "medal class", your horse show can charge a premium for this class.

Riders never "point out"
Unlike some other Medal classes, rider participation remains, or increases, throughout the show season because riders don't "point out" as they earn more points through the season. Their participation actually grows as the season goes on!  Riders, as well as trainers, receive points for Year-End Awards, thus interest in the class remains high throughout the season. 

"Promotion! Promotion! Promotion!"
To boost awareness and interest, offers an entire section of the website just to the Equitation Cup, featuring color photos, video interviews with the riders, "Rider's Spotlight" profiles, video coverage of the class at select horse shows and more! As you might imagine, this very unique class has been extremely well received by show managers, trainers, riders, judges and parents alike!

"Has this class been held at shows already?"

Yes, this class has been held at numerous USEF-rated horse shows around the country and the rider participation and audience enjoyment has been incredible! Because of the unique element of the class where each rider creates their own course, spectators are always interested in seeing what the next rider will do to try to out do the previous rider. Also, in the flat phase, since riders return in reverse order, spectators are always surprised by what each rider does to make their flat phase a little more unique. It has been shown that most riders return for the flat phase without stirrups, while performing anything from leg yields to counter-canters.  There is also an Adult Amateur version of this class.  Also, unlike other equitation classes where rider participation drops as the season goes on because riders "point out" once they earn a certain number of points, rider participation in the Equitation Cup remains high throughout the season because the goal is to earn as many points as possible.

"How much does it cost to offer this class at our horse show?"
The cost for offering this class is $10.00 for each rider that competes in the class. 

"Can my show(s) be publicized on the website?"
Yes, as a host facility of this class, your show(s) will be promoted, free-of-charge, on through the use of on-line color banners, links to your own web page and more.  We can also feature videotaped coverage of the class at your show!

"What type of year end awards do riders receive?"
The top 6 riders at the end of the season receive a year end high point ribbon. The top 30 are invited to participate in the Equitation Cup Championships held in October.  The winning rider at the Championships wins either a $1,000 gift certificate to a tack shop OR a $1,000 college scholarship, courtesy of The Hang On to the Dream Foundation.  Trainers receive ribbons as well.  The winning trainer of the rider who wins the Championship class wins a 5-day Caribbean cruise!

For more info, click on:  Class rules and Specs

"This sounds really great!  How do we sign up?"

To sign up, simply complete the form below!