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Junior Equitation Cup                  Adult Equitation Cup


The Show Rider.com Junior Equitation Cup is an equitation class for Junior riders 17 years of age or younger and it is designed for riders to showcase their overall, well-rounded horsemanship skills. Open to any Junior rider who has never competed in a National Equitation Final with fences at 3'6" (i.e.; USEF Medal; ASPCA Maclay; USET; CET or CEF Finals; WIHS, etc.).  The Show Rider.com Adult Equitation Cup is for riders 18 years of age or older who are still qualified to compete in the 3 foot division as an Amateur and who has never competed in a National Equitation Final with fences at 3'6" (i.e.; USEF Medal; ASPCA Maclay; USET; CET or CEF Finals; WIHS, etc.).  Riders who qualify and compete for the FIRST TIME in any of the 3'6" equitation finals mentioned above MAY compete in the Showrider Finals even if the rider has competed in the 3'6" final prior to competing in the Showrider Final.  Any winner of the showrider.com Equitation Cup High Point Year End Award is ineligible to compete in the class in the future.

First Round
In the first round, each rider will compete over a course entirely of their own design.  The course will include a minimum of eight fences not to exceed 3' in height, with spreads not to exceed fence height. The course may be either a Jumper or Hunter type course and must include at least two changes of direction and a combination. Water obstacles (i.e.; water jump, liverpool, etc.) are not permitted.   All verticals on the course will be able to be jumped in either direction.  Oxers will be able to be jumped in either one, or both, direction(s) at the show manager's and/or course designer's discretion.  A course sheet displaying the placement of the jumps on the course must be posted at least 1 hour before the start of the class and riders and their trainers must be permitted to walk the course prior to the start of the class. 

Entering the ring
Upon entering the ring, each rider must halt and salute the judge (to salute the judge, the rider should hold the reins in their left hand, bow their head and wave their right hand over their right knee simultaneously).  Because the judge does not know what course the rider is going to perform, it is MANDATORY that the rider salute the judge before and after they jump the course. If a rider fails to salute the judge prior to starting their course, and/or at the completion of their course, they will receive a 5 point deduction per offense.  


At the beginning of the course, after saluting the judge, the rider can proceed to jump a minimum of 8 jumps, and no more than 12 (in & outs are considered as one obstacle and may not be jumped separately, however faults incurred at each obstacle of an in & out are scored separately). Each jump on the course can only be jumped twice and the course the rider chooses to perform must include at least one change of direction.  Riders who fail to jump the minimum number of 8 obstacles required will be disqualified.  If a rider jumps more than the minimum number of obstacles, an audible tone will sound and the rider must immediately halt, salute the judge and exit the ring.  Failure to do so immediately may constitute a reduction of points. 

Riders must use stirrups in the first round.  If a rider looses a stirrup during the first round, they may receive a reduction of points at the judge's discretion.  Use of stirrups in the 2nd round/Testing Phase is optional.  

Knockdowns and Refusals

If a horse/rider pulls a rail at any point during the course, that jump can no longer be jumped again and the rail must remain down until the rider completes their course.  If a rider attempts to jump a jump and their horse refuses, the rider may not attempt another jump until they have cleared the original jump that the horse refused.


Bits and bridles used in a conventional manner are acceptable.  Splint boots can be worn.  Martingales (standing or running) are permitted in the jumping phase. Martingales are not permitted in the flat/Testing Phase.   


First Round Scoring
An Open Numerical Scoring System will be used with each rider's score announced at the completion of their first round. Higher points will be award to the rider whose first round displays the greatest level of creativity & execution.

The top four riders after the first round will be called back for the Testing Phase.

The Testing Phase
The Testing Phase will consist of a flat work demonstration, entirely of the rider’s creation. Each of the top 4 riders from the first round will be called back, one at a time, to test in reverse order of points from he first round.

Upon entering the ring, just as in dressage freestyle, because the judge does not know the flat work demonstration the rider is about to present, the rider MUST salute the judge at the beginning and at the completion of their flat work demonstration. Once the rider has saluted the judge an audible tone will signify that they may begin their flat work demonstration.  Their flat work demonstration must be no less than 1 minute long, and no longer than 2 minutes in length. At the 60 second point an audible signal will sound letting the rider know that they have reached the minimum required time and the rider may continue to ride for up to an additional 60 seconds if they choose.  Once the rider has reached the 2 minute limit a second audible signal will sound. At that point the rider must halt facing the judge, salute and leave the ring.  If the rider completes their flat phase before the 2 minute audible signal, the rider should halt in the middle of the ring facing the judge and salute the judge to signify that their test is completed.  Riders who fail to salute at the beginning of, and at the end of, their jumping or flat phase, will receive a 5-point deduction for EACH failed salute.  Riders who fail to perform their flat phase for at least 1 minute will receive no score for that phase.

Each rider's demonstration MUST include a walk, a posting trot, and a canter, in both directions.  Cantering on the counter lead may constitute as working in the opposite direction.  Riders may incorporate any additional demonstrations, (simple or flying changes of lead, halt, back, leg yield, work without stirrups, etc) at their own discretion. Riders who fail to execute the required gaits or movements will receive a deduction of points from their score in the flat phase at the judges discretion.  Higher points will be award to the rider whose test shows the highest level of creativity and execution of movements.

Use of stirrups in the Testing phase is optional.  Riders may remove their stirrups entirely prior to entering the ring, or they may "drop" their stirrups (take their feet out of the stirrups), or

"cross" their stirrups (lay them across the pommel of the saddle while mounted) at any point during their flat phase test at their discretion.  Riders may not remove their stirrups from their saddles once they enter the ring.

Class Conditions
Class to be judged in accordance with current USEF standards for equitation.  Martingales are NOT permitted in the flat phase.  A minimum of 2 eligible riders must complete the course in order for points to be awarded.  Junior and Adult classes may be combined if entries warrant.  Riders need not be members of Showrider.com to compete in this class, however, additional awards will be given in various categories at the end of the season to those who are members of Showrider.com.

Ribbons will be presented to 6th place. The names of all ribbon winning riders (1st thru 6th) will be listed on the showrider.com web site along with the points they earned, based on the following: 1st place - 10 points, 2nd - 6 points, 3rd - 4 points, 4th - 2 points, 5th - 1 point, 6th - 1/2 point.  

The Showrider.com Equitation Cup qualifying season is from October 1 through the following September 30.
Showrider.com Junior Equitation Cup Year End High Point Awards

The top 6 Junior riders who earn the highest number of points by the end of the season will receive ribbons based upon their ranking.

Showrider.com Adult Equitation Cup Year End High Point Award
The top 6 Adult riders who earn the highest number of points by the end of the season will receive ribbons based upon their ranking.  

Showrider.com Equitation Cup Year End High Point Trainer Award
The trainer whose Junior and Adult riders earn the most points in the Showrider.com Equitation Cup will receive ribbons based upon their ranking.

Showrider.com Equitation Cup Championships

The Top-30 High Point riders in the Showrider.com Equitation Cup (in both the Junior and adult divisions) during the season will be invited to compete at the Showrider.com Equitation Cup Championships to be held in October at a venue to be announced.  

The winning rider of the championship class will be awarded the showrider.com Equitation Cup silver trophy as well as other prizes. 

The winning trainer, whose rider is the winner of the Showrider.com Equitation Cup Championships will win a 5-day cruise for 2 to the Caribbean.

Rules for showrider.com Equitation Cup Year End Awards

Showrider.com Equitation Cup first place Year End High Point winners, and the winner from the Showrider.com Equitation Cup Championships are ineligible to compete in the class in the future.    All Trainer Award travel must be taken during the immediate 6 months following the presentation of the award or the award will become void.  Awards are non-transferable.  No exceptions.

NOTE: These rules are subject to updates and changes.  Any rule updates or changes will be posted on the showrider.com website.  It will also be posted in the horse show office prior to the start of the class at the discretion and responsibility of the horse show.

The Showrider.com Equitation Cup is an equitation class created by trainer Christopher Ewing that has been held at numerous horse shows around the country.  

The Showrider.com Equitation Cup class is a 2-round, 3 foot class for junior and adult riders. 

First Round

Riders create their own first round jumping course.  The top 4 riders from the first round are called back to compete in the 2nd round. 

2nd Round

In the 2nd round, riders demonstrate a 2-minute flat phase of their own creation.  They can walk, trot, canter, ride without stirrups on their saddle, etc.

Riders who win the most points during the season qualify for the Showrider.com Equitation Cup Championships.

The winning rider of the Championships class wins the Showrider.com Equitation Cup trophy. 

The winning trainer receives a 5-day cruise to the Caribbean!