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First Round

Riders create their own first round jumping course.  The top 4 riders from the first round are called back to compete in the 2nd round. 

2nd Round

In the 2nd round, riders demonstrate a 2-minute flat phase of their own creation.  They can walk, trot, canter, ride without stirrups on their saddle, etc.

Christopher Ewing and "Renaissance" in the Regular Working Hunter division at the Hampton Classic Horse Show.

Riders who win the most points during the season qualify for the

Showrider.com Equitation Cup Championships.

The Showrider.com Equitation Cup class was created by Emmy Award winning TV host and international showjumping trainer and clinician Christopher Ewing.  Christopher has imported and trained some of the top hunters and jumpers in the country including "Renaissance",

  the 2008 USEF Horse of the Year in the Regular Working Hunter division.

The winning rider of the Championships class wins the Showrider.com Equitation Cup trophy!

The Showrider.com Equitation Cup is a popular new equitation class that has been held at numerous horse shows around the country!  

The Showrider.com Equitation Cup class is a 2-round, 3 foot class

for junior and adult riders. 

The winning trainer receives a

5-day cruise to the Caribbean!