Wilson Dennehy,
top judge and legendary rider, 
(the first rider in the history of the Equitation division to win the Medal, Maclay and U.S.E.T. finals as a junior, 

all in the same year), comments on recently judging

a Showrider.com Equitation Cup class:

"I've never quite heard of a class quite like this before.  I think it fills a need for those kids that can't afford to go back East for the finals and I think it is a very interesting format. I think it's an excellent class."


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"Christopher - Just wanted to Thank You for your great idea and follow-up on the Showrider.com Medal at the MHJA Finals!  Loved the course, the idea, thereby making a Medal for the real Limit/Young Rider's kids, the whole thing.  Thanx again for going out of your way for such a wonderful class. Take care! 

Best Wishes!"  

Cindy Petherbridge, Trainer, Huntsover Farm, Holly, MI